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horizontal bar is a family owned and operated online store founded in 2003. We specialize in a wide variety of saxophone and clarinet accessories including saxophone reeds, saxophone mouthpieces, saxophone stands, saxophone straps, saxophone and clarinet ligatures, clarinet mouthpieces, clarinet reeds and more. Featuring top brands such as Alexander, Brilhart, Fibracell, Bari, Gonzalez, Legere, Marca, Meyer, Neotech, Otto Link, Rico, Rousseau, Runyon, Selmer, Yanagisawa, Zonda and Vandoren, we stock and ship everything in house. Offering a great variety of woodwind accessories at affordable prices, we pride ourselves on providing fast shipping and competitive prices.

New Products

Marca Superieure Reeds Marca Superieure Reeds are high-quality, classical, French-cut reeds.
Marca Superieure Saxophone Reeds
Marca Superieure Clarinet Reeds

Marca Jazz Reeds are better suited for open mouthpieces used by most jazz, pop and rhythm and blues players.
Marca Jazz Reeds
Zonda Supreme Reeds Zonda Supreme Reeds feature a unique strength grading system that includes three sub-strengths for every numerical half strength.

Zonda Saxophone Reeds

Zonda Clarinet Reeds
Yanagisawa Ebonite Mouthpieces Yanagisawa Ebonite Mouthpieces feature round chambers and are suitable for music ranging from classical to big band.

Yanagisawa Ebonite Mouthpieces
Rico Ligatures The Rico ligature was designed to provide excellent response and function at an affordable price.

Rico Ligatures
Faxx Mouthpieces Faxx Hard Rubber Mouthpieces are good, economical alternatives to the expensive mouthpieces recommended by band directors.

Faxx Saxophone Mouthpieces

Faxx Clarinet Mouthpieces
Rovner Platinum Ligatures The Rovner Platinum Ligature features superior control, for a secure, centered tone and flawless intonation.

Rovner Platinum Ligatures
Yanagisawa Metal Mouthpieces Yanagisawa Silver-Plated Brass Saxophone Mouthpieces feature square chambers and come complete with matching ligature and plastic cap.

Yanagisawa Mouthpieces - Metal
Rovner Versa-X Ligatures High school and college-level players are thrilled with the Versa X's ability to take them from the football field to the concert hall with a simple flip of the flaps.

Rovner Versa-X Ligatures
Mighty Bright Duet 2 Light The Extra Flex clips on to almost anything, from music to microphone stands and may be used as a handy freestanding task lamp as well.

Mighty Bright Ex-Flex Music Lights
Mighty Bright Orchestra Light The Mighty Bright Orchestra Music Stand Light is a portable clip-on light featuring ultra white, state-of-the-art LEDs.

Mighty Bright Orchestra Light

Clearance Sale

Rico Reserve Alto Sax Reeds All remaining
Rico Reserve Alto Sax Reeds
$5.99 per box of 5
Rico Reserve Reeds
Rico Reserve Classic Bb Clarinet Reeds All remaining
Rico Reserve Classic Bb Clarinet Reeds
$9.99 per box of 10
Rico Reserve Classic Bb Clarinet Reeds
Rico Reserve Mouthpiece All remaining
Rico Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces
Rico Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces
Rico Bass Clarinet Reeds

All remaining
Rico Bass Clarinet Reeds
in boxes of 25 (old stock)
Rico Bass Clarinet Reeds

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