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Berg Larsen Hard Rubber Mouthpieces

For assistance in selecting the correct ligature for your mouthpiece, try our Ligature Guide

Berg Larsen Ebonite Soprano Sax Mouthpieces

Berg Larsen Ebonite Saxophone Mouthpieces

Berg Larsen Hard Rubber Saxophone Mouthpieces are one of the most well known and respected mouthpieces being produced today. These Hard Rubber Mouthpieces can be customized to the saxophonists liking by selecting between a wide range of tip openings and baffle sizes.

Berg Larsen Baffles
  • The larger the baffle (lower number) the brighter the tone.
  • Each Berg Larsen Mouthpiece includes a cap and ligature.
  • Except for the rare exception, the #0 and #1 baffle alto and tenor mouthpieces have the Bullet style chamber, the #2 baffle mouthpieces do not. The baritone mouthpieces are generally all Bullet chamber regardless of which baffle.

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