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Vandoren Ligatures

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Vandoren Klassik Ligatures

Vandoren Klassik Ligatures

The Vandoren Klassik Ligature, a woven string ligature, has excellent elasticity and great resistance. The weaving can be more or less tightened, for a great range of tone colors. Vandoren Klassik Ligatures are available for Bb Clarinet, German Clarinet and Alto Saxophone.

Vandoren Bb Clarinet Klassik Lig-Leather Cap LC31L 
 3 Weeks 
Vandoren Bb Clarinet Klassik Lig-Plastic Cap LC31P  3 Weeks  $47.99 
Vandoren German Clarinet Klassik Lig-Leather Cap LC35L  3 Weeks  $67.19 
Vandoren German Clarinet Klassik Lig-Plastic Cap LC35P  3 Weeks  $47.99 
Vandoren Alto Sax Klassik Lig-Leather Cap LC37L  3 Weeks  $67.19 
Vandoren Alto Sax Klassik Lig-Plastic Cap LC37P  3 Weeks  $47.99 
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