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Vandoren Ligatures

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Vandoren Optimum Ligatures

Vandoren Optimum Ligatures

Vandoren Optimum Ligatures are available for soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. With Vandoren's Optimum Ligature, you'll find that more reeds perform to your expectations.

- Unsurpassed performance and reliability.
- Easily adjusts for any situation.
- Quick and precise tightening.
- Expression with freedom.

The Vandoren Optimum Ligature comes with three interchangeable pressure plates to provide the performer with more choices in tonal color and response.

Vandoren Optimum Bb Clarinet Ligature & Plastic Cap 
 3 Weeks 
Vandoren Optimum Bass Clarinet Ligature & Plastic Cap LC04P  3 Weeks  $67.99 
Vandoren Optimum Soprano Lig-Plastic Cap LC06P  3 Weeks  $67.99 
Vandoren Optimum Alto V5 JAVA JUMBO V16 Plastic Cap  3 Weeks  $67.99 
Vandoren Optimum Tenor V16 Ligature-Plastic Cap  3 Weeks  $67.99 
Vandoren Optimum Tenor Lig-Plastic Cap LC08P  3 Weeks  $67.99 
Vandoren Optimum Bari Lig-Plastic Cap LC09P  3 Weeks  $67.99 
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