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Vintage and Used Mouthpieces

All of the old stock vintage Otto Link mouthpieces listed below are brand new mouthpieces. All come in their original box. The metal mouthpieces come with ligature and cap. The hard rubber mouthpieces do not have ligatures or caps. The metal mouthpieces have some ligature scratches from handling, but there are no teethmarks on any of them. Most of the metal mouthpieces are tarnished from the silver plate that is under the gold plating.

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Otto Link Early Babbitt Super Tone Master Alto Sax Mouthpieces

These are new old stock Early Babbitt mouthpieces. They are slightly longer than the current production, the tip opening number is stamped on the side of the body in the large font, and they have the quotation marks around "Super".

Address on the box reads:
2201 Industrial Parkway.

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Otto Link Old Stock Super Tone Master Alto Sax Mouthpiece

These are new old stock mouthpieces. The tip opening number is stamped on the shank and it has the quotation marks around "Super".

The box has the P.O. Box 1264, 2201 Industrial Parkway address.

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