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Rovner Ligatures

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Each Rovner ligature model has unique properties that makes ligature selection an extremely personal choice for the individual player.
All Rovner ligatures are designed with the following guidelines:

- Allow more free vibration of the reed than other conventional ligatures.
- Improve tone, response and intonation.
- Reduce the likelihood of leakage at the facing.
- Reduce modes of vibration that cause poor intonation, squeaks and raspiness.
- Extend reed life and yield more playable reeds.
- Manufacture using the best materials obtainable.
- Fabric body will not stretch or rot.
- Metal parts are corrosion-resistant.

The Rovner Dark Ligature is the original Rovner ligature that won acceptance worldwide for it's ability to perform like the classic string ligature, but with greater convenience. For decades it has also been the "go-to" ligature for music educators, knowing they can recommend it with complete confidence that a Rovner ligature is just the thing to help developing players move to the next level of performance. Rovner Ligatures are available for a wide variety of mouthpieces.

For educators who may find the Dark sound too "covered" for their inexperienced players, the Rovner Light Ligature offers an excellent alternative. The Rovner "Light" is a free playing ligature, with a broader, more open tone quality for gutsy, contemporary styles of playing.

The Rovner Mk III Ligature delivers a big, solid, well centered tone of great brilliance, but without buzz or hash. A variation on the original Dark, the robust MK III is enjoyed by jazz and classical players alike. Combining the best properties of the Dark and the Light, the MK III became the first "premium" Rovner ligature, delivering both a dark sound and enhanced facility.

The Rovner Versa Ligature features repositionable flaps and cradle with inserts that can be configured to produce six different tones. Designed as a professional ligature for both clarinet and saxophone players, this ligature assures the performer complete tonal control and accurate intonation throughout all registers.

The Rovner Star Ligature is a low cost ligature which replaces the EVO-5.The Rovner Star Ligature does not include a cap. Superior resonance helps ensure solid intonation - Flexible, durable...almost indestructible - Yields more playable additional cost savings.

The Rovner Platinum Ligature is made from a highly-tempered, impeccably-polished, space-age metal alloy. The Platinum Ligature is as beautiful as a piece of fine jewelry. Pure, dark, tone...ringing and bell-like tone, the Rovner Platinum Ligature features superior control, for a secure, centered tone and flawless intonation.

The Rovner Versa-X Ligature features a dark, rich, versatile sound and allows the player to explore an enhanced tonal spectrum. The Versa-X received a "Best Tools for Schools" honor at NAMM '12. High school and college-level players are thrilled with the Versa X's ability to take them from the football field to the concert hall with a simple flip of the flaps.

For assistance in selecting the correct ligature for your mouthpiece, try our Ligature Guide

Rovner Dark Ligatures

Rovner Dark Ligatures

Rovner Dark Ligature 1E 
 3 Weeks 
Rovner Dark Ligature 1M  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 1MB  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 1MD  In Stock  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 1MVS  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 1R  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 1RL  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 1RVS  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 1RXS  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 2M  In Stock  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 2R  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 2RBL  In Stock  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 3ML  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 3ML-NY  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 3MVL  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 3R  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 3RL  In Stock  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 4R  In Stock  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 4RL  In Stock  $19.99 
Rovner Dark Ligature 4RS  In Stock  $19.99 
Rovner Versa Ligatures

Rovner Versa Ligatures

Rovner Versa Ligature V-1E 
 3 Weeks 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-1MA  3 Weeks  $43.99 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-1MT  In Stock  $43.99 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-1R  3 Weeks  $43.99 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-1RL  3 Weeks  $43.99 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-1RLT  In Stock  $43.99 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-1RVS  3 Weeks  $43.99 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-1RXS  In Stock  $43.99 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-2MA  3 Weeks  $43.99 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-2MT  3 Weeks  $43.99 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-2R  3 Weeks  $43.99 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-3MLA  3 Weeks  $43.99 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-3MLT  In Stock  $43.99 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-3R  In Stock  $43.99 
Rovner Versa Ligature V-3RL  3 Weeks  $43.99 
Rovner MKIII Ligatures

Rovner MKIII Ligatures

Rovner MKIII Ligature C1E 
 3 Weeks 
Rovner MKIII Ligature C1M  3 Weeks  $23.99 
Rovner MKIII Ligature C1R  3 Weeks  $23.99 
Rovner MKIII Ligature C1RL  In Stock  $23.99 
Rovner MKIII Ligature C1RVS  3 Weeks  $23.99 
Rovner MKIII Ligature C1RXS  3 Weeks  $23.99 
Rovner MKIII Ligature C2M  3 Weeks  $23.99 
Rovner MKIII Ligature C2R  3 Weeks  $23.99 
Rovner MKIII Ligature C3ML  3 Weeks  $23.99 
Rovner MKIII Ligature C3R  3 Weeks  $23.99 
Rovner MKIII Ligature C3RL  In Stock  $23.99 
Rovner Light Ligatures

Rovner Light Ligatures

Rovner Light Ligature L2 
 3 Weeks 
Rovner Light Ligature L3  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Light Ligature L4  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Light Ligature L5  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Light Ligature L6  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Light Ligature L7  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Light Ligature L7.5  In Stock  $19.99 
Rovner Light Ligature L8  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Light Ligature L9  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Light Ligature L11  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Light Ligature L12  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Light Ligature L13  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Light Ligature L14  3 Weeks  $19.99 
Rovner Platinum Ligatures

Rovner Platinum Ligatures

Rovner Platinum Ligature P-1R 
 3 Weeks 
Rovner Platinum Ligature P-1RVS  3 Weeks  $57.99 
Rovner Platinum Ligature P-1RL  3 Weeks  $57.99 
Rovner Platinum Ligature P-2R  In Stock  $57.99 
Rovner Platinum Ligature P-3R  3 Weeks  $57.99 
Rovner Platinum Ligature P-1M  3 Weeks  $57.99 
Rovner Platinum Ligature P-2M  3 Weeks  $57.99 
Rovner Platinum Ligature P-3ML  In Stock  $57.99 
Rovner Platinum Ligature P-3RL  In Stock  $57.99 
Rovner Star Ligatures

Rovner Star Ligatures

Rovner Star Ligature SS1R 
 In Stock 
Rovner Versa-X Ligatures

Rovner Versa-X Ligatures

Rovner Versa-X Ligature X-1R 
 3 Weeks 
Rovner Versa-X Ligature X-1RVS  3 Weeks  $34.99 
Rovner Versa-X Ligature X-1RL  In Stock  $34.99 
Rovner Versa-X Ligature X-2R  3 Weeks  $34.99 
Rovner Versa-X Ligature X-3R  3 Weeks  $34.99 
Rovner Versa-X Ligature X-1M  In Stock  $34.99 
Rovner Versa-X Ligature X-2M  3 Weeks  $35.99 
Rovner Versa-X Ligature X-3ML  3 Weeks  $35.99 
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